Academic Programs of Afghan Cultural House

Saturday, 01 January 2011 15:23


The Training Unit of the Afghan Cultural House (ACH) has decided to add English Courses to its program. These courses will be taught by expert trainers.


English Language – Beginner (5 days a week)

English Language – Advanced (5 days a week)

Advanced English Conversation (5 days a week)

TOEFL Preparation (2 days a week)

Academic Writing (2 days a week)


Advanced English Conversation will be taught by Mr. Mohammad Zaman Rajabi, graduate of the University of Cincinnati and will commence on June 11, 2011.




Registration will be opened on May 26, 2011

The courses will be from 06:00 to 07:30 in the mornings

There are limited seats available (12-15 persons) so registration will be based on first come first served.

The courses fees is 2,500.00 Afghanis per month.




Information about Academic Programs of Afghan Cultural House

Please be informed that for first term of training courses in Afghan Cultural House, submission is free.

Training Courses:

1. Digital Photography (basic)

2. Basic Video Recording and Editing (basic)

3. Music Basic and Afghan Musical Instruments Trainings (Tabla, Danbura…)

4. Project Development and Management (part 1) - Proposal Writing Skills

5. Project Development and Management (part 2)  Management Methods, Project Evaluation

6. Marketing and Business Communications: Effective Communications, Effective Marketing

7. Business Plan Writing

Requirement for Submission in training courses:

1. 2 photos in 3×4

2. Copy of identification card

3. 300 Afs for Admission

For submission and more information you can contact us:

Tel: 0783363634

Address: House # 582, Behind Kateb University, Shura Road, Karte 3, Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan Cultural House, Training Coordinator

Note: The capacity of classes are restricted, each class can have 12 or 15 member.

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