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Afghan Cultural House (ACH) is a non - profit cultural umbrella organization which was established in 2010 in Kabul as a dynamic cultural center offering different services. It provides unique opportunities for the Afghan people, especially for women and young generations who have been ignored or isolated from the community for many decades.

This center aims to promote positive culture among Afghans and give an opportunity to them to express themselves, demonstrate their abilities and capacities through tools and services we provide. In fact, we consider ourselves as a cultural ambassador between Afghan people and the other nations of the world to promote positive culture among Afghan people and give a positive picture of Afghanistan to the world outside.

University students, civil society association members, high school graduates and many others are interested in writing and have the capacity to run a blog ,but the culture for blogging and writing is not existed among the people. We, here at the ACH, are doing our best to promote such culture in the country to promote positive change. We see a huge potential of interest among these generations and believe we can lead this to practice and demonstrate to the world the young and emerging democracy of Afghanistan through soft power.

Afghan Cultural House is a place where you can enjoy reading books available in its library, surf the internet, get updated information and news about Afghanistan and the world via its newspaper stand located in the cafe, eat your favorite fast food in a friendly space.

ACH also organizes film events (Cinematheque), live music shows, story and poetry evenings for young writers and poets and everyone is most welcome to attend and spare a few hours for a good cause.

Among many other initiatives, this center promotes: citizen journalism and social media to enhance capacity of local artists, civil and cultural associations as well as creating an informal atmosphere for everyone particularly for intellectuals, students, researchers, artists, poets, bloggers, journalists and many others.

Afghan Cultural House is led by a board of trustees who are its founders. The board of trustees appoints Director General every year to manage the entire components and program operations.

Our Commitment: It describes the future we are determined to create for our stakeholders, including the populations we ultimately serve, our staff, our clients, the professional community to which we belong, and our financial creditors and owners. In pursuing our mission, ACH is committed to:

  • Making an enduring impact in the lives of the people in the communities we serve
  • Providing a vibrant, empowering, collegial work environment for our staff
  • Creating sustainable development solutions that build and respect local capacity
  • Serving our clients with highly responsive, flexible approaches
  • Delivering maximum value for our clients’ resources
  • Setting the industry standard for technical excellence and innovation globally
  • Growing our business

Our Values: are the core characteristics of Afghanistan Cultural House which shape how we carry out our mission. Our values are the foundation stones of our organization and we definitely strive to exhibit the following values in all situations:

· Excellence: We are unwavering in our drive to excel, anchored by high-quality technical work and efficient, effective organizational management.

· Empathy: We believe in the immeasurable value of every person so we treat all with respect, compassion, sensitivity, and understanding.

· Integrity: We are truthful and ethical, and our actions match our words.

· Inclusiveness: We seek inclusion of many voices and ideas and encourage diversity of thoughts regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, faith, social standing, education, or position.

· Accountability: We trust our staff to be responsible, and we hold each other accountable for decisions made and results produced.

Our Services:

  • Coordination and Networking of Cultural Activities
  • Short Term Practical Trainings
  • Proposal Writing and Business Plan Development
  • Hosting Cultural and Arts Festivities
  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Providing Photographers and Film Producers
  • Media Consulting
  • Providing Tourist Guides
  • ICT Solutions
  • Transportation

Our Audience:

Our primary target groups are young generation and women who suffered from lack of opportunities to express them and demonstrate their ideas and capabilities but in a broader spectrum, we also target all Afghans and our international friends.

Our Departments:

Afghan Cultural House is consisted of six departments:

1. Training and Research Center

2. Library

3. Gap Café

4. Net Café

5. Art Gallery

6. Cinematheque


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